How did a Yiddish love song become a Nazi bootleg that helped to bring down the Third Reich? Was Israel’s first international legal battle really over a sing-along? Were Eurovision outfits a protest against terrorism?  Was Jewish mambo a thing? 

The Jewish Song Show podcast and blog takes you on a >3,500 year journey of Jewish experience via the people, places, ideas, religion, language, and culture that makes us who we are. The blog is underway and the podcast is in pre-production (launching in 2024). Sign up for our newsletter below to join the journey.

The Jewish Song Show is the maiden initiative of the Jewish Song Project, Inc. a 501(c)3 educational non-profit tax-exempt organization dedicated to building Jewish connection through Jewish song.


Our mission is to foster Jewish connection through Jewish song, sparking curiosity that enjoins listeners to discover their cultural, religious, and intellectual inheritance as Jews.


Our vision is an ever-growing inspired and curious community engaged in a rewarding lifelong journey of Jewish discovery and connection.




Marsha Bryan Edelman, PhD

Dr. Marsha Bryan Edelman is professor emerita of music and education at Gratz College. A graduate of Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, she holds degrees in music, Jewish music education, Jewish music and Jewish studies. Her book “Discovering Jewish Music” was published by the Jewish Publication Society in 2003. She is an active choral singer and conductor and director of education and administrator for the Zamir Choral Foundation an organization with whom she has worked in various musical and administrative capacities for more than thirty-five years. Since 2021 she is the editor of the Journal of Synagogue Music.


Yvette Alt Miller, PhD
Dr. Yvette Alt Miller holds a Ph.D. in International Relations from the London School of Economics and has taught at Northwestern University, London Business School, and lectured around the world. Her most recent book, Portraits of Valor: Heroic Jewish Women You Should Know describes the lives of 40 remarkable women who inhabited different eras and lands, giving readers a sense of the vast diversity of Jewish history and experience. She is a contributing author to the popular Jewish websites,, and the Jerusalem Post.

Stuart Rosenberg
Stuart Rosenberg is a musician, producer, writer, educator, and radio personality. He studied mandolin with Kenneth “Jethro” Burns of Homer and Jethro, comedy/music stars of WLS Chicago’s  “National Barn Dance,” precursor to the Grand Ole Opry. He has produced and hosted programs for National Public Radio and WBEZ, presented live concerts at Navy Pier and composed music for NPR shows such as “This American Life” and for theater. He was a founding member of the Chicago Klezmer Ensemble and was the fiddler for The Otters at Chicago’s Schubas Tavern for more than 250 performances.

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